How to create a module in Odoo 14 with Windows

Indunil Ramadasa
2 min readMar 14, 2021


This topic is discussed in many developer guides but very rarely regarding how it can be performed in Windows based development enviornment. With that it is really difficult for new developer to start over their first attempt of development of a custom module.

Odoo has a very useful feature named scaffolding .Scaffolding allows the developer to create the basic skeleton (structure) for the module to be developed. It is obvious that having that facility saves much of effort and time consumed for creating modules manually.


This can be performed with Odoo Command-Line interface odoo_bin .

$ odoo_bin scaffold your_module_name /destination-folder/

As it needs to be run with Python you can simply get the above done with Python exe in your odoo folder. See the following example.

D:\odoo\>"D:\odoo\python\python.exe" "D:\odoo\server\odoo-bin" scaffold library_app "D:\odoo\server\custom-addons"

Lets take each part of above command for better understanding.

  1. Path of the python.exe

2. Path of odoo-bin


3. scaffold sub command


This sub command of odoo_bin does the actual magic of Odoo scaffolding.

4. Name of the module


This should be name of the module that you are going to create.

5. Destination folder


The folder where your new module folder should be saved.

After running the scaffold command as explained in above, visit the destination folder, then you will see a new folder for your module created inside. Go the module folder and its structure will be similar to following.

Module folder generated through Odoo Scaffolding

It includes basics you can used to continue development of your module including module manifest. Lets discuss next steps in next articles.